Weihnachtsbrief 2021

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Liebe Schüler:innen,

sehr geehrte Eltern,

sehr geehrte Erziehungsberechtigte,  


Now the year 2021 is almost over and in the last Christmas letter I thought that Corona in the school year 2021/2022 was history. This is unfortunately not the case....


Despite this ongoing circumstance, I hope that you / you and your / your families can look forward to a wonderful Christmas season.


For the coming holidays I wish you relaxation, a good time with the family and, above all, good health.


A big thank you to everyone who supported us in our school work through all the adversities over the past year.


Our staff tried with a lot of commitment and work to bring some school normality into the lives of you and your children. Without you / you many actions would not have been possible.


I thank you for your creativity and perseverance,

To you for your support and strong involvement

and my colleagues for the great commitment.


I wish we all have a good start into the year 2022.


School starts on January 10, 2022. If there are any changes, we will inform you via the known information channels and the homepage.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ihre Grundschule Plattenhardt
André Carozzi

New colleagues

My name is Claudia Henselmann and I've been a class teacher for class 3a since this school year. I also teach sports, swimming and religion in other classes. After a few years at a small elementary school in Balingen, I am now happy to be here in Plattenhardt. I enjoy being able to ride my bike to school and look forward to the coming time at the Plattenhardt elementary school.

My name is Kristina Heinl, and I am happy that since this school year I have been able to work closer to home at the elementary school in Plattenhardt. I teach science in a 1st grade and give math lessons in various 2nd grades. Furthermore, I am employed in a 3rd grade at the elementary school in Bonlanden in the subjects math, science and art this school year.

Einschulungsfeier 2022

This school year, Flora (left) welcomed over 60 new students. With bright sunshine and cheerful party guests, all 3 classes could celebrate their step into a new phase of life in the Weilerhausporthalle.


We would like to thank all classes and teachers who supported this celebration. Thanks to the friends' association for the corona-compliant hospitality and photo idea. Also Mr. Hertler for the technology in the hall.

Niklaus war da

On Monday, December 6th, 2021 it was finally that time again. The sponsoring association of the elementary school in Weilerhau was allowed to organize the Santa Claus campaign again according to the current corona regulations.


Since there are one or the other child at school with food allergies, we decided this year to present Santa pens and sharpeners.


St. Nicholas attended every class and was greeted with great contributions from the students, such as poems and songs. The children were visibly happy and each received a sachet with a pencil and a sharpener. The action was a complete success. We would like to thank our Santa Claus in particular and are already looking forward to next year.


Your team from the development association


Den gesamten Bericht finden Sie hier: LINK

Afrikanisches Lied - Klasse 4c

Förderverein: Kostenlose HA-Planer

LINK zum Newsletter des Fördervereins: LINK

For many years, the association has designed the homework planner for the new school year, which every child receives at the start of the school year.


In recent years, the contribution towards expenses for each child was 2.50 euros.


Since we were able to acquire a large number of donations this year that finance the homework planner, we have succeeded in handing out the homework planner for every child for free.


We hope to be able to keep it this way in the future.


At this point we would like to thank our sponsors once again:

VR Bank Filder, Glück Industrie-Elektronik Gmbh, dm-drogeriemarkt Gmbh, Fildorado, Lukenda Gmbh&Co. KG, Karateschule Scholz Bernhausen, f.u.t. müllerbader, Villa Bernhausen/Leinfelden, Maler Hildebrand Gmbh., RTS Steuerberater, Mörike Apotheke, Haustechnik Staiger Gmbh., Sprungbude, Benetton Echterdingen und Timm Rolladen-u. Sonnenschutztechnik.


We have 18 great class representatives who stand up for the needs of the student body.


At the first joint meeting, many ideas, wishes and difficulties were raised.


As a first action, the classes of 4 received two mobile gates for the break in order to be able to relax even better. In the new year, the other grades also get mobile goals.


Many thanks to the two class representatives who ensure that the gates are set up and dismantled every day.

Fotospaziergang durch das Schulhaus

Geschmückte Naturbäume in Plattenhardt - 1a

Here you can see class 1a decorating a Christmas tree in the Plattenhardt Forest with self-made natural trees and making it glow.

Weihnachtsplätzchen backen

Many classes have baked Christmas cookies with the help of parents - thank you very much for that.


Here it is class 4c.

Weihnachtliches aus dem Englisch-Unterricht der Klasse 3c

Christmas crackers and Christmas cards

Ein Haus voller Nanas

In the project days, the 4th grade did handicrafts based on the example of the artist Niki de Saint Phalle. The round figures were creatively formed with paper mache from empty plastic bottles and colored with acrylic paints. The children had a lot of fun and great products were created. You are welcome to marvel at them downstairs in the school foyer!

Projektwoche: Exitgame - Wer öffnet die Schatzkiste

In der Projektwoche mussten viele Rätsel und Knobelaufgaben gelöst werden, damit der Schatz geöffnet werden konnte. Nur gemeinsam kam die Klasse ans Ziel.

Besuch in der Stadtbibliothek zur Lesung von Ulf Blanck

On Monday, November 15th, 2021 we, classes 4c and 4b, were in the Bernhausen City Library. We met Ulf Blanck. He introduced us to two of his written books. The first book was from the three ??? and was called "Junkyard in Danger" and the second book was called "Nautilus" SOS from the depths. The two books were very exciting and great. We would recommend Ulf Blanck's books. We enjoyed the reading very much.


Larissa Banzhaf und Marie Schippers


Klasse 4c

Auf zur Jugendverkehrsschule - Klassen 4 machen die Fahrradprüfung

"Is someone coming from the right?" or "How do I get out of the roundabout?" were questions and difficulties again this school year, which the 4-year classes easily mastered. When visiting the youth traffic school in Sielmingen, our students were made fit for road traffic.

Drachenfest der Klasse 3b

Waldtag der Klasse 4c

Projektwoche im Oktober - Dem Täter auf der Spur

On the trail of the perpetrator


The third graders completed a detective training course in the three days. To do this, they had to prove their skills in various areas:


In one day they had to use their "nose" and solve a wide variety of detective cases. In the end, almost all cases could be stamped with "case solved".


They also wrote their own detective puzzles. Can you solve it

Bericht komplett
Dem Täter auf der Spur - Klasse 3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.6 MB

Projektwoche im Oktober - Wenn das Pausenbrot dich anlächelt...

Hier finden Sie den Artikel auf unserer Homepage: LINK

Klasse 2b

Ein toller Waldtag mit Ziel am Uhlbergturm.

An den Projekttagen stand das Buch

"Der Findefuchs"  im Mittelpunkt.

Musikstück der Klassen 3a und 3b für die Einschulungsfeier 2021


In times of Corona, when cultural events are rare, we were very happy that the foundation of the Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen made it possible for our class 2 to have a really nice play.


Actually only two performances had been ordered and paid for. But shortly before that, new corona rules made it impossible to introduce the classes together. At that moment, the Lokstoff Theater and the Kreissparkasse Foundation made a third performance possible very quickly and easily.


Dafür vielen Dank an Herrn Schneck (Theater Lokstoff) und der Stiftung der Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen (https://www.ksk-es.de/de/home/ihre-sparkasse/kee/unser-engagement/unsere-stiftungen.html)

Quelle: https://www.theaterhaus.com/theaterhaus/?id=1,3,12334




Wie gesagt, Lümmel war kein normaler Esel. Nein, das war er nicht. Lümmel hatte zwar einen Wedel-Schwanz, einen haarigen Popo, einen haarigen Bauch, vier haarige Beine, einen haarigen Rücken, einen haarigen Hals, zwei dunkle liebe treue Augen, eine schwarz schnuppernd scharfe Stupsnase, einen lachenden Mund ­ doch: Lümmel hatte keine zwei Ohren, sondern drei - eines links, eines rechts und ein Drittes in der Mitte. Eigentlich war das nicht schlimm, wären da nicht die anderen Esel ...

Partysong der Klasse 4c für die Einschulungsfeier

Sanierung des Werk- und Kunstraumes

After the floods in summer, our rooms were renovated. The electrics, the floor and the ceiling were renewed. In addition, all cabinets had to be replaced.


Thanks to all the craftsmen - but especially to Mrs. Pflug and Mr. Oswald von der Stadt, who were at our side with advice and action.


Now the rooms are being filled with material piece by piece and can be used again.

Workshop Medienkompetenz

"How long should children use media?", "How do families negotiate tablet or TV time?" - In November there was another workshop for the 4-person classes on the subject of "Media and its use".


In the evening - completely digital - the Mecodia Academy reported how the new generation is growing up online with digital media and how families can address this, support it and create a conscious approach.


Many thanks also to the foundation of the Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen, which is supporting this project at our school for the third time.

Neue Geräte auf dem Spielplatz

From January, our students and children in the area can look forward to a new playground attraction.

Cat Lenny from the school grounds on a Christmas mission

Für Eltern:

Here you will find interesting lectures on the subject of Corona and dealing with the family: LINK

Ferienplan für das Schuljahr 2022/2023

Here you can find the vacation plans for the school year 2022/2023 as PDF.


You will receive the printed version in the new year via the homework folder.

FilderstädterFerienplan 2022-2023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 84.2 KB
Ferienregelung 20222023-2021-12-09.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 80.8 KB

But now it's first vacation. We wish you and you a nice holiday season and a happy new year 2022.